Register your Thai Marriage

Many foreigners who visit the beautiful country of Thailand enjoy the place so much that they would like to retire in Thailand and stay there for ever. The breathtaking sights and sounds of Phuket, Pattaya, and other cities by the beach can captivate any visitor. If they happen to be single, they are usually mesmerized by the captivating beauty of the people of Thailand.

Register your Thai Marriage Sometimes, foreign nationals fall in love and would want to get married to a citizen of Thailand. The first step for such alliances would be to find out which laws govern the creation of a marriage between the people of these two countries. Depending on where the foreigner comes from, that country may have their own laws and regulations which must be completed for this marriage to be valid and legal. It’s always a good idea to get a lawyer who specializes in marriage laws of Thailand. They may also know (from previous experiences) about the regulations of other countries. In any case, it is also good for the future husband and wife to know all the details regarding wedding vows in Thailand. The first step is to get a non-business marriage visa in Thailand. The husband and wife will need to follow the regulations of Thailand to make the wedding valid in that country. Later, they can work with the home country of the expatriate to translate the wedding vows and agreements of Thailand and make this union legal in both countries. Once you have the Thai visa on hand, you may go to Thailand and get ready for the wedding preparations.  The first step is to visit your own embassy and find out what all you will need to do. Depending on the country, the rules will certainly be different.

Once they get the “clearance” to marry, they can move forward with the Thai wedding ceremony. The majority of the weddings are traditional and Buddhist. It may take many days for the wedding to be completed.  The register marriage can be performed at a local office called an “Amphur’ or “Khet”.  Here, the foreign affidavits and clearance letters are translated, viewed and recognized before the couple is allowed to proceed to the district office for an Administrative Thailand Marriage. The advantage of a Thai marriage is that the registration may be performed after the ceremony. If you fall in love and get married, Thailand does not stand in the way of the marriage but helps you to get the marriage legalized as soon as possible. he downside of a Thai marriage may be that people sometimes fall in and out of love very quickly. Also, the bridegroom may end up spending a lot of money as “dowry” or other marriage expenses. Overall, the transactions at the Amphur and the Embassies usually take about 3-4 days. If there are complications such as the doubt that one or both of the parties may be married and not legally divorced, additional time may be required.

A lawyer’s services may be an advantage when we get married in a foreign country. They can also assist with prenuptial agreements and other legal issues if the marriage falls apart soon. Also, to protect the assets of one or both parties, it may be a good idea to prepare a pre-nuptial agreement. any of the tourists who visit Thailand like what they see and would like to live there forever. As these foreign nationals return to their homeland, they are filled with nostalgia of the wonderful tropical towns they enjoyed. To make this beauty and joy part of their lives, they usually return to Thailand and try to find a niche there for themselves. As they meet the friendly people of Thailand, they may also want to marry and settle down in that beautiful country. And the country of Thailand does not stand in the way. If you are willing to obey the rules of Thailand and respect the people and their way of life, you are welcome to stay there forever!


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